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Email marketing is among the most preferred online marketing tool for business owners to circulate their new product launch, sale, promotional offers to their registered users and prospect new audience. The direct interaction with your customer and sharing information, company news and promotional materials makes it a robust online marketing tool. Email marketing is must for you to retain your existing customers and brought them back to your website if you are launching a new product, offering seasonal discount, festive offer or clearance sale. It is also the best medium for new customer acquisition and building a sizable customer base.

Email marketing is by far the most successful online advertising approach because it reaches customers email box which is the first social network for any person. Before searching for products or services on different social media platforms, people first like to have a look into their email box for a related stuff they have been looking for. This is one of the major reasons why online email campaigns prove to be immensely effective. Also email marketing is an affordable marketing method accessible to every business, be it on a small scale or a large scale, you can see the results in the measurable ROI.

With more and more companies preferring email marketing as an effective tool for promoting business, many others have come to realize that email marketing service is more than just a passing fad. However, unfortunately your customers email inboxes are continuously flooded with a lot of useless newsletters and spam. Because of this many people tend to ignore even the important and relevant mails.

TACT Digital offers robust email marketing to acquire new customers with only valid email database. Currently we have two segmentation of email database as Assorted emails and E-commerce emails. In e-commerce industry, we are serving many top e-commerce operations of India with best of email campaigns, daily deal mailers, new product launch mailers, and sale-offer mailers. We are known to offer robust email marketing to acquire new consumers with only authentic data base.

Many new e-commerce start-ups are using our email marketing service and realized the magic of our email database by gripping their business grounds within a matter of days from their launch and have considerable customer acquisition today. We gather and purchase our email database from various top marketing companies and operating businesses from various sectors and other marketing modules. We refine our email database monthly through various user interaction marketing tools to ensure validity and responsiveness of our email database. Don’t wait for several months and spend money to garner registered users’ email through your site, start today and right away your email marketing to get in line of established and your competitor companies.

In the e-commerce industry, we have been serving since over 5 years and we have offered our impeccable services to some of the top online companies of India. Be it email campaigns, sale-offer mailers, daily deal mailers or new product launch mailers, we have offered only the best to our clients. Moreover, we have acquired highly active and affluent online customers’ SMS database and email database.

At TACT Digital, we aim to grip your business grounds within a short span of time by acquiring a considerable customer attraction. Also, we refine and enhance our customer database from time to time by using various interaction marketing tools to confirm authenticity and responsiveness of our email database.
Benefits of Email Marketing Services
  • Increase in the number of inquiries — engaging mailers that link to your site
  • Maximizes leads and conversions — targeted campaigns that reach the right people
  • Build relationships with prospects and existing customers — regular mailers with content that adds value
  • Trackable response — we monitor campaign effectiveness and provide relevant reports